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bAUM in the Chapel of Resurrection, Skogskyrkogården

Then a moment passed and all was changed

bAUM instrument in SymbioLab's mobile greenhouse

bAUM Sessions


We are moved by and made of vibrations.


bAUM is an acoustic string and drum instrument for experiencing acoustic resonance throughout the body. An instrument for tuning the whole self, for releasing hidden tensions and opening intuition.


A bAUM session combines drum travel, voice toning and string resonance. As the experiencer lays comfortably on the sound bed, the strings and drum are sounded, emitting wave-like sensations throughout the body. This experience can induce a a dream-like state of deep relaxation.


Made in collaboration with Patrick Dallard in 2016, bAUM has previously been exhibited in Rymd Konstrum and Candyland Gallery, Stockholm. bAUM sessions developed during an artist residency at Långsjö Teatre as part of Julia Adzuki's MA in New Performance Practices at DOCH / Stockholm University of the Arts.

© 2017 Julia Adzuki

sound waves enter through the back


through the bench of the instrument BAUM quivering


strings resonate the drum of the chest merging


fluctuant rhythms of breath and pulse transmitting


through limbs rippling from bones diffracting


vibrations sifting through flesh




by the in visible


en livening the un graspable


a mis en abyme of bodies within


bodies of sound and light waves≈


of (bod(y)ies) water


message massage sing song


a symphony of cells in (((dis)(harmonic undulating


(re)configurations of differential becoming so Oh


soma so responsive receptive to resonance


expanding in directions unseen and underground


a space vast enough for vulnerability


a vessle of sensations sensorial syntax rustling


the organism s


living entanglement


Copyright Julia Adzuki © All Rights Reserved