Skinner Releasing (SRT) is an innovative approach to dance, movement and creative process developed by Joan Skinner from the early 1960s onward. SRT has evolved from the simple principle that when we are releasing physical tension, we can move with greater freedom, power and articulation.


In SRT classes, spontaneous movement evoked by guided poetic imagery, supported by music and sound, promote an effortless kind of moving, integrated with alignment of the whole self.

As participants let go of habitual holding patterns, they are supported to cultivate an increasing sensitivity to their own physical and imaginative experience. The result can be a deeply embodied awareness of new possibilities in movement – in creative practice and daily life.


SRT is a dance class for all levels of experience, from new beginner to professional, for anyone interested in exploring embodiment, expression, creativity and awareness through moving.


I have been practicing Skinner Releasing since 2013.

It was love at first dance, poetic nourishment to the pith of the bone. To be danced by kinaesthetic images, letting go of holding patterns, experiencing multi-directional alignment.


As an artist and performer I find these practices so supportive to creative and intuitive processes. Releasing practice is where I go to recharge, prepare, discover and to dive into the unknown.

I love the accessibility of SRT, that it can support embodied creative process at any level of experience. I love the gentleness of class and space of non-judgement.


I have studied extensively with Gaby Agis, Mary-Clare McKenna and Robert Davidson at Sundance Camp in Turkey and completed my teacher training on Syros, Greece in April 2017.


I am really excited to share this practice with people of all creative interests!

Upcoming Classes

& Workshops


19 - 20 May

Releasing into Sound - Gnesta

10:00 - 13:30

Classes 2-3 of the introductory pedagogy

& sound improvisation in the water tower


500kr for 2 days


Långsjö Teater & Vattentornet

Gnesta - Sweden


For further information & bookings

+46 (0) 739245975




6 - 10 June

Releasing into Sound

Classes 1-5 of the introductory pedagogy

& Environmental sound improvisation


Wednesday 17:00 to Sunday 17:00

5 day residential retreat


Early bird fee: 120 € + Accomodation (paid by 15 May) Regular fee: 160 € + Accomodation


Sundance Camp

Antalya - Turkey


For further information & bookings

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