shedding cells   or slipping

into the other ether   the air around.

the weight of the body     leaking into the floor.

the weight of the skull.        arms and hands.

the weight of the back and pelvis              legs and feet.

the weight of lists.

seeping continuously.


fluid motion

amoeboid movement

gravitational urge

surging down.

shadows into earth.

sloughing off blood walls of womb

birthing the death of another birth




in the nest of pelvis

cavity of  ribs

cave of skull

Isle of molecular pleasure

ravishing flourish of bacteria

odorous bouquet

potent passages of fluids

leaking through orifices

skin slipping  hair detaching  purging

gasses, fluids

meander through earth in all directions

detritivores and decomposers

uprising earthworms threading through the bones

burrow between ribs

transmute tissues to soil

opening capillary tunnels

mycelial networks  extend nutrient channels

secreting messages

to the forest underground –

dark mattering.

© 2017 Julia Adzuki