Resonant Bodies invites a kinaesthetic experience for the whole body. A  vibrational dialogue within the body of a tree.

The ancient Ash tree trunk is strung with 21 piano strings, tuned to tones of C. The instument is engaged with by playing the  strings and laying inside the open trunk. The sensation of resonance throughout the body and tree may be  experienced as deeply relaxing, an of accord of inner and outer landscapes.

Resonant bodies was developed with in response to movement and sound explorations together with Sindri Runudde and Teresia Lindberg, with technical assistance of Patrick Dallard and Tor Söderin.

As part of Kännbart   exhibition Resonant Bodies has toured  Örebro Läns Museum, Västerbottens Museum Umeå, Kulturens Hus Luleå, Virserum Konsthall, Rättvik Konsthall, Göteborg Stadsmusseum, Sandvikens Konsthall, Ystad Konstmuseum and Borås Konstmuseum and Scenkonstmuseet Stockholm with performances and workshops at  some of these locations.

bAUM Sessions

We are moved by and made of vibrations.

bAUM is an acoustic string and drum instrument for experiencing acoustic resonance throughout the body. An instrument for tuning the whole self, for releasing hidden tensions and opening intuition.

A bAUM session combines drum travel, voice toning and string resonance. As the experiencer lays comfortably on the sound bed, the strings and drum are sounded, emitting wave-like sensations throughout the body. This experience can induce a dream-like state of deep relaxation.

Made in collaboration with Patrick Dallard in 2016, bAUM has previously been exhibited in Rymd Konstrum and Candyland Gallery, Stockholm. bAUM sessions developed during an artist residency at Långsjö Teatre as part of Julia Adzuki's MA in New Performance Practices at DOCH / Stockholm University of the Arts.