sound waves enter through the back

through the bench of the instrument         bAUM     quivering

strings          resonate the drum of the chest       merging

fluctuant rhythms of breath and pulse         transmitting

through limbs       rippling from bones     diffracting

vibrations     sifting through flesh


by the   in visible

en livening the un graspable

a mis en abyme   of bodies                within

bodies                  of sound and light          waves≈

of          (bod(y)ies) water

message massage sing song

a symphony of cells in (((dis)(harmonic                         undulating

(re)configurations of differential becoming   so Oh

soma so responsive             receptive to resonance

expanding in directions unseen and underground

a space vast enough for vulnerability

a vessle of sensations              sensorial syntax rustling

the organism s

living entanglement

© Julia Adzuki 2019