How do you perceive your alignment?

Within the earth air-th body, rising up through the back and back and back. And forth. Front

plunging, dropping, sinking down. Fingers dripping. Pearling at the feet.

Dangling. The whole body dangling in a pendulous sway. A seeping, leaking, into the outer, into

the other, into the aether, into the air, the inner I around. Always already becoming other...

somewhat sobjective. Electric shudder.

Gently undulating wave patterns transmitting though limbs. Informing exchanging frequency.

Resonating receieving constantly shifting and somehow stable, surprisingly similar and never the

same (((body))).

Electro-magnetic alignment in the space between-in-between earth and Ionosphere. Schumann

Resonance. Spaces inner-between becoming charged by lightning-like tension of attention of the

space between. Transceiving alignment.

Pattern and repattern meeeeeander. Align-not-straight a path through space. Song line of

suspended sediments, past moments living echo in the O b dy o oo oOo.

Accumulating in surprise sometimes an ache of shipshapeshifting. Transmuting flesh to words.

Meat to magic. Speaking the b O dy into being.

Speaking the (((bOd))) into being. Into being what=? Refracted polarity ≈ multiple-directionaldimentional

more-than-one-more-than-human. NoneOtherthan.

Aligning with words with ideas with a script scripture scratch of another pen.

Of another mouth. Another breath inhaled, integrated, exhaled, exchanged. Aligning with the breath

and echo of teachers teachers.

© Julia Adzuki 2019