What has been beneficial for you in this technique?

Poetic nourishment     to all limbs and organs

through to the pith of the bones

a sense    a consciousness of the layers and textures within    changing weather

experiencing what once was conceptual notions   now becoming being


I was crunching on questions   of our imagined separation from outer/other

biting at the bit to crack the nut    while making forms full of holes    in ice and snow and fabrics

then sponginess    became me

I was it   no breaking to broke   in porosity

a key to lend the whole self  to experience

to organism as experiential philosopher  inseparably entangled with surrounds

rooting deeper shaking off  inhibitions  intuitions more in flow than conflict

and the meetings that emerge  that blossom through this   with wonderful beings-human and-more-than

and a language to share that grew from and folds back into plant-life-matter

in the nature of nature

this beneficence   sweet scent  inseparable from all else that feeds me

as I feed it  contracting to willing others  as it once was shared with me

contagion  I willing host  in the tissue and marrow  of we who practice

active or passive practice it practice us

© Julia Adzuki 2019